Ready Pack Sample List

Whenever a person participates in a wilderness search, he or she should be prepared to be self‐sufficient for at least 24 hours, regardless of conditions. To ensure the ability to respond to a call quickly, GSAR team members should keep a pack ready and loaded with items suitable for the weather and terrain that the SAR  Group operates in. Remember, that being prepared for a task in the summer will be different than being prepared for a task in the winter.

The following list of personal equipment is recommended for all people involved in SAR and should be carried with them on any wilderness search:

    • Plastic tarp or shelter (at least 5’ x 7’)
    • Water proof clothing bag (2 large orange plastic garbage bags)

Spare Clothes

    • Wool or pile toque
    • Wool or pile mitts
    • Waterproof breathable mitts or gloves
    • Wool socks
    • Wind and waterproof coat and pants
    • Wool or pile coat
    • Some additional clothing for the subject


    • Fire starter (matches, lighter and candle, or flint and knife
    • At least 1 L of water (2 L if there is no dependable water source), water
      container and some way to purify the water
    • Pot with a lid
    • 15 m Prusik cord
    • Knife with cover, or locking knife that closes (two knives may be recommended ‐ one in pack (folding) and a straight blade on belt or pack harness)
    • Declination adjustable compass
    • Headlamp plus extra bulb and battery
    • Waterproof notebook and pencil
    • Map
    • Toilet paper
    • Personal first aid kit
    • Insect repellent
    • Sunscreen
    • Whistle
    • Watch
    • Sunglasses
    • Clear eye protection for searching bush
    • Flagging tape and marker pen (Sharpie)
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate for the incident

Other items which could be included are:

    • Folding saw and/or axe (highly recommended)
    • Altimeter
    • Emergency blankets
    • Scissors
    • 3‐5 m light wire
    • Sleeping bag
    • Lightweight stove and fuel
    • Pencil flares
    • Flashlight with extra batteries (highly recommended)
    • 2‐12 hour light sticks (highly recommended)
    • Duct tape (highly recommended)
    • Food
      • Semisweet chocolate
      • Soup cubes
      • Protein bars
      • Hard sugar candy
      • Booklet on wilderness survival
      • Personal First Aid Kit