Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue Team members are highly trained in performing wildland rope rescue using specialized equipment and techniques. Members are expected to know a wide range of skills and to train for at least 20 hours per year over and above other KSAR training. Rope rescue qualification course are run throughout the year in a number of locations in BC and qualifying members can apply for several different levels of training.

Among the items rope rescue members are knowledgeable in:

  • Rescuer safety
  • General hazards
  • Communications
  • Personal and team equipment
  • DCTTRS – dual capability, two tension rope system
  • Slope and high angle rescues
  • Knots, hitches, and bends
  • Anchors and extensions
  • Stretcher rigging

Rope rescue team members operate in a variety of higher risk areas and need to be able to operate in a safe and efficient manner.