Apply to KSAR

Please complete the form below to apply to Kamloops Search and Rescue.

This includes packs, clothing, foot wear, etc.
Will you be able to attend the complete GSAR course as scheduled? This will be a commitment of one week of evenings and three full Saturdays of training over three months.
Applicants should be reasonably fit and have no chronic health issues that would interfere in performing strenuous activities in demanding remote conditions under adverse conditions. For example, you may be asked to help carry a 200 lb. man on an improvised litter over rough conditions for a few kilometres. Each member must be able to respond quickly without becoming a victim themselves.
SAR volunteer members are providing a service to the RCMP. We are also serving the public in a trusted capacity and possibly working with vulnerable individuals and minors. A clear CRC is required for our members and will be reviewed every three years.
Please upload a copy of your BC GSAR certificate in jpg or pdf format if have already completed the GSAR course.
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